Friday, February 1, 2013

Letter G" ATC

Letter "G" ATC

This is the Letter G" ATC that I am swapping with a partner at  I am having a lot of fun entering these swaps.  For this one, I drew a giggling elephant.  Here is the picture of it.  Feel free to copy and paste it as a digi stamp if you would like.

  The giggly elephant wiggles when you tickle his belly.  So if you want to see how it is put together....take a look at this video.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Journal tag and Frame SVG

Here is a free SVG Journal Tag and Frame.  I made a bunch of Christmas Tags using this SVG.  Below is a picture.  If you use this tag, I would LOVE to see how you use it.
Download here: Sally's Journal Frame and Tags   Wishing your many Christmas Blessings!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Letter D ATC

I have done just a few swaps now.  I am a little intimidated by all these "Really Crafty Women" .  Does it take everyone hours of work to get an ATC made?   Will I eventually get faster at it.  I tend to obsess over it.  Don't get me wrong....I LOVE IT!  But I can't stop until I am satisfied with what I make.  I started this letter "D" ATC with Dazzling Daisies.  I blinged out some daisies added lace and attached it to my card.  Then I thought.  Hmmm...... What about a "D"ouble card.  Dazzling Daisies on the front and Day Dreaming of a white Christmas on the back.   Then I got sick and deadline approached and I wasn't satisfied with my Dazzling Daisies.  So...... back to the drawing board and I came up with this.  These Daisies are still Dazzling but they are also Dancing Daisies.  I created a little paper spring that they can wiggle around on.  So give them a little flick of the finger and they will Dance for you. Here is my Dancing Daisies ATC card.
I really want to keep my ATCs and display them.  I would love to hear how you keep and/or display your ATC's.

ATC "D" Swap. Thank you Mercedes!

I got my ATC for the letter "D"  in the mail a while back. I have been sick and didn't get it posted.  But here it is.  I love the little Dress up Doll.  She is just adorable.  When you turn over the card you find a small envelope on the back with more dress up clothes.  How Cleaver, Mercedes.  THIS IS SO CUTE!!!

(Thank you also for the other little goodies you included in there.)  See how cute this is!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I am EXCITED to announce my Etsy Store.  PaperPetalsandBows.   I will give my Blog to Bless Subscribers a first chance at my SVG's for free. After 1 month I will then put my SVG's in my Etsy Store to sell.  My Etsy Store will have many items other than SVG's.  I will be selling items that I have made and crafty tools that I can pass on at a good price.  But Please Subscribe to my blog so you don't miss out on the free SVG's.  Then head on over and check out my store.  Thank you.

My New Etsy Store: PaperPetalsandBows

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Free SVG of Steampunk Corner piece

Here is a free SVG of a steampunky corner piece.  Hope you enjoy.  If you download one of my files, please leave me a comment.  Thank you.  Steampunk Corner